Lake Morris

Lake Morris & Kahlpahlim Rock Lake Morris or Copperlode dam & Kahlpahlim Rock

A scenic drive off Reservoir Rd with great views on the drive up of Trinity Bay, Freshwater valley and Mulgrave valley. The road is narrow so be cautious and wary of cyclists. There is a barbecue area with a grandstand perch overlooking Lake Morris. A great place for breakfast with the birds.

Please note that the road is closed to cars (but not to pedestrians and cyclists) between 8pm and 8am. For further information call Cairns Regional Council on 1300 69 22 47.

Lake Morris - early morning Lake Morris - early morning   Lorikeets at Lake Morris Lorikeets at Lake Morris

This is a good early morning birdwatching area. Bring eggs and bacon for breakfast on the BBQ overlooking the lake.

Lake Morris Bird checklist.pdf

Lake Morris was formed by the dam in the upperreaches of Freshwater Creek which runs down through Crystal Cascades and the Redlynch valley into the Barron River. Walkers or cyclists can cross the dam wall and climb the gate which bars the track on the other side. The track passes through dense rainforest as it traverses the Lamb range, crosses the Clohesy River and comes out on the Kuranda-Mareeba road.

The big red rock face across the lake is Kahlpahlim Rock, on the Lamb Range which runs up to Lake Tinaroo. There is a walking trail to Kahlpahlim (also known as Lamb's Head) from Davies Creek National Park. It is rated a difficult walk, takes 6+ hours return, but the view from the top is sensational. Use the link below for more details.

Kahlpahlim Rock - Lamb Range Kahlpahlim Rock, Lamb range

view of Lake Morris from the Lamb Range Lake Morris from Kahlpahlim Rock, Lamb Range

Kahlpahlim Rock walk  Map of Kahlpalim Rock walk 

You can hire single or double kayaks or take a fishing charter on the lake which is stocked with Barramundi and Sooty Grunter. (both great eating fish). For details contact: 

Copperlode Fish and Kayak

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