Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham

Lake Barrine is on the left just before Yungaburra. Lake Barrine is the larger of the 2 lakes and is famous for its tea house and the 45 minute rainforest & wildlife cruise on the lake. The business has been in the hands of the same family for 4 generations since the 1920s. The cruise costs $18 per adult and $8 for children or $40 for 2 adults and 2 children.

The two lakes were formed as a result of a series of violent volcanic explosion around 17,000 years ago. The explosions were caused by the rising volcanic magma super-heating the groundwater into steam. Eventually the pressure build up could not be contained resulting in the explosion that created the crater, which is also known as a maar.

The rainforest around the lake is national park with some fine tree specimens such as the two Kauri Pine tress near the tea-house.

Lake Barrine from the tea-house garden

Lake Barrine with Yungaburra on the right

Two giant Kauri Pines near the tea-house   Massive trunks of the Kauri Pines

The 2 cruise boats operating on Lake Barrine   Lake Barrine & the tea-house

 Lake Eacham is the smaller lake and, like Lake Barrine, has an avaerage depth of 65m and is the result of a volcanic explosion. The lake is a very popular picnic and swimming spot with locals. There are good walks through the cool upland rainforest, the water is very clear and you should be able to see turtles in the lake. Over 180 bird species have been recorded and you may even see the Musky Rat Kangaroo in the forest.

Swimming at Lake Eacham

Late afternoon light at Lake Eacham

A nice perch in the pandanus   Lake Eacham is a fun place for kids

Freshwater turtle   Yabbie

Clear turquoise blue water of Lake Eacham

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