Goomboora Park

Goomboora Park is dog friendly Goomboora Park is dog friendly

Turn off Reservoir Rd into Shale St at the Loridan Drive lights and keep right. This is a dog friendly park with poop bags provided. Freshwater Creek runs through the park and you can follow the creek through the rainforest on good paths. The avenue of fig trees running down to the BBQ area is worth a visit alone. The creek, called Freshwater creek, is the same creek that forms Crystal Cascades further upstream and is safe to swim in.

Goomboora Park   Mackerel sky over Goomboora Park   Foxtail Palms, Goomboora Park

There are tables, benches and BBQs.The park is open until 9pm


Fig tree Goomboora Park   Fig trees, Goomboora Park

Huge old fig trees with long spreading boughs form an avenue through the centre of the park 


Freshwater Creek runs through Goomboora Park   Freshwater Creek, Goomboora Park

 A path wanders through the rainforest following Freshwater Creek


Pencil Cedar against a mackerel sky, Goomboora Park Pencil Cedar against mackerel sky   Firewheel Tree flowers (Stenocarpus sinuatus), Goomboora Park in December Firewheel tree flowers (Stenocarpus)   Buttress tree roots, Goomboora Park rainforest Buttress roots

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