Pet conditions

Dogs and Cats are only permitted if indicated in the website Property description (Pet Friendly) and in the Booking Details.

Please read the website property description and the Booking Details carefully to ensure you are clear on the number, age and type of pet that is accepted in the property. Most properties do not permit pets.

If the owner has agreed to your dogs or cats staying, please follow these conditions:


  • Do not let your pets sit on the soft furnishings. There may be a cleaning fee if they do.
  • Do not let your cat scratch any furnishings.
  • You must provide a litter tray for your cat. If your cat sprays anywhere near the house, you may be charged for extra cleaning or for replacement of soiled furnishings.
  • Barking dogs upset everyone! We have great neighbours and would like to keep it that way.
  • Cairns City Council have strict laws regarding dogs being kept on suburban blocks. They must be kept in an enclosed area.
  • Children play in the house garden so please pick up any dog or cat poo and bag and bin it. Please do not throw it into the shrubs – it is not gardener friendly!
  • You are responsible for any damage done by your Pet such as digging, chewing, scratching, dog pee on carpets, cat spray, flea or other infestations and as such agree to pay for pest extermination or anything that has to be mended, replaced or washed.
  • Do not shut your pet in the house if you go out for the day - there is a secure outdoor area for dogs (but not for cats).


You agree to these conditions and will pay for any damage caused by your pet.