Wallaby Creek Festival - Rossville - 2019

Wallaby Creek Festival, September 27-29

This unique folk music festival has been running for several years at the beautiful Home Rule Rainforest Lodge, just outside Rossvile.

Rossville is a tiny village on the Bloomfield track road between Ayton (on the Bloomfield River) and Helenvale (home of The Lion's Den Hotel), just before the junction with the main inland sealed Mulligan highway to Cooktown.

Home Rule is a large clearing surrounded by rainforest and mountains behind Cedar Bay. When we were running Mungumby Lodge, the walk up to Home Rule Falls was a favourite with guests. It's an easy half hour walk through the rainforest on a well marked track. You can hear the falls well before you get to them. There is a good swimming pool below the falls and even better one at the top, behind the lip of the falls. You just have to scramble up the left side of the falls to get there.

The creek continues on up into the mountains. Itis possible to find your way over the Big Tableland on the left and back down to Mungumby or go to the right where the Wallaby splits and get down to Cedar Bay. You really have to know your way around to do this because there are no marked tracks.

We would take a different route on the way back by following the Wallaby back down to Home Rule Lodge. Lots of rock-hopping and beautiful pools to swim in.

Only the date of this year's festival has been announced. For more info go to the website:

Wallaby Creek Festival

Wallaby Creek Festival Facebook

Map of the Rossville area 


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