IRF World Rafting Championship Tully May 13-20

Tully River rafting through rainforest

Tame the Tully, May 13-20 2019

First time in Australia, this great event is attracting the best from around the world. Looks like the perfect year too because we are having a great wet season up here so the Tully River should be raging.

Tully claims to be the wettest place in Australia and Babinda believes it is. No disputing the amount of rain though. Both have annual averages over 4 metres. Tully had 7.9 metres in 1950 and I read somewhere that Babinda once had 12 inches in 1 hour!

Tully is home to the Golden Gumboot. All 7.9 metres of it in honour of that legendary 1950 rainfall record.

The event is free for spectators and there is lots of accommodation and camping in the area. The Tully River is close to gorgeous Mission Beach.

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Queensland Crocs under-19 rafting team

Photo credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

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