• When do I need to pay to secure my booking?

    A deposit is required immediately to secure your booking.

    This deposit is $300-$1000 for houses (depending upon length of stay) and $150 for studio apartments.

    Full payment should be made 45 days before arrival - we will send out a reminder for full payment of your accommodation cost.

    Your deposit then becomes a bond which is returned at the end of your stay providing the home is left clean and tidy with no damage.

    For longer stays or for functions, we may require a much larger bond than the initial deposit.

    Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit has been paid.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Payment is by direct bank deposit to the owners account, or by PayPal. There is a 3.5% surcharge to cover PayPal fees. We do not have credit card facilities but PayPal can be paid with a credit card.

    Beachcomber House, Eden Trinity Beach and Trinity Beach House can be paid by credit card (visa or mastercard only - 2% merchant fee)

  • Can I get an Invoice/Receipt?

    Invoices are issued by request to individuals and as a standard procedure for Corporate Bookings. Receipts are always issued by the individual owner of the property booked by you.

  • What happens to my money if I have to cancel my stay?

    We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover this event.

    A deposit is made to secure a booking over a particular period of time. We do not double book so we have given up the ability to sell that period of time. We do not, therefore, return deposits.

    However, where a deposit and a full payment have both been made , the deposit (which is now a bond) will be refunded but the full payment will be kept if the cancellation is made within the 30 day before arrival period. If the cancellation is made prior to the 30 day period, then the deposit will be kept but the full payment will be returned.

    If you cancel within the 30 day period , we will try to sell those days. Any days of your booking that we do manage to sell after your cancellation will be refunded to you, less a $100 administration fee.

    The reason for this policy is that holiday homes are difficult to sell at short notice and your booking has prevented us from offering the property to other people wanting to make a booking.

    If you have small changes to your requested dates, we will try to fit them in where ever possible as long as it does not affect the length of your stay.

    Days will not be refunded if you depart earlier than planned.

    We do not refund for a change of mind on arrival.

    Please make sure that you have considered all aspects of the property, and feel free to ask as many questions about it as you would like to before making a booking.

    If we are forced to cancel a stay due to unforeseen circumstances such as a cyclone, fire, damage to the building, or sale of the property, you will be given a full refund and our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  • Will I get a full return of my Bond?

    Your bond will be returned in full if the home is left clean and tidy with no damages. A return is usually given within 3-5 working days, however, if there is damage to the property this may take some time to assess.

  • What do you mean by a "clean and tidy" home?

    Holiday Homes are not serviced on a daily basis like hotel rooms. You will, therefore, need to do a modest amount of cleaning as you go along like you would with your own home.

    We realise that it is difficult but please avoid having children eat food while sitting on the soft furnishings. Greasy foods like chips and chocolate tend to leave hard-to-remove fat stains on covers and cushions. These have to be removed and cleaned before the next guests arrive which may be on the same day as you leave. Please mop up all spills as soon as you can and vacuum crumbs and spilt food off carpets.

    All kitchen things (cutlery, plates, pots and pans) should be washed up and put away.

    Laundry is done by the cleaners so please leave all linen on the beds. Please hang used and wet towels on the towel rail or put them in the laundry. 

    The BBQ must be cleaned properly. Remove grill plates and scrub off with wire brush provided and wash with hot soapy water in the laundry sink. Clean BBQ frame by wiping away any grease.

    We can keep the price of the rental down with your co-operation in this matter. Our owners generally allow around 4 hours for cleaning, laundry and change of bed linen and towels. If the cleaning and changeover of a house significanlty exceeds this time, you may have a deduction from your bond at the rate of $35 per hour.

  • How many can stay at the holiday home?

    Each property has a maximum number of guests allowed and this must not be exceeded. There must be a person of 25 years of age or over in the group staying. The person making the booking and paying the bill will sign the registration form for the house.

  • Can we have a party?

    Large gatherings for parties or weddings are not allowed.

    Generally, the holiday home or Studio is for the number of people that have booked as stated on the Confirmation Form.

    Of course, you may meet people during your stay or have local friends or relatives whom you would like to invite for drinks or dinner. That is fine provided that you are considerate of the facilities of the house and your neighbours. Most houses are only equipped with extra cutlery, plates and glasses for 2-4 more people.

  • May we have extra guests to stay?

    Each home has a stipulated maximum number of guests allowed. You must not exceed this number or the number of guests that you have told us will be staying without first referring to us. The price quoted is usually dependent upon the number of guests staying. You may lose your deposit or be asked to leave if you do not keep us informed.

  • Do you have a minimum stay requirement?

    Yes. All our homes have a 5 night minimum stay except for Harvester Home which has a 4 night minimum and  Studios which have a 3 night minimum stay. 

  • What do we do if we break something, or if an appliance breaks down?

    Report the matter to the owner as soon as you can. We will try our best to get an appliance repaired or replaced but this might not always be possible within a short time frame. Breakages or damage to household goods must be paid for. We will organize the replacement items and deduct from the bond. If there is insufficient bond held to pay for the damage, you will be charged for the balance.

  • Where do we pick up/drop off keys?

    Our owners always try to meet their guests and hand over keys in person. If you have a very late or very early check-in/check-out and they are unable to come to the property, you will be told where to find or leave the keys. You will always be given a contact number for any emergency concerning the home. Please note – the loss of a key set will invoke a minimum of $40 deduction from the bond.

  • What do we need to bring with us?

    All linen, towels including beach towels, tea towels etc are provided. We do not service the home while you are there. You will find a supply of cleaning equipment, soap, toilet paper, oil , salt and pepper, tea, coffee and milk available for you on arrival. Please check each individual property for the provision of Broadband Internet, Satellite TV, portacots and high chairs. This information is available in each property description

    Our homes have a range of books, toys, games and video's or DVD's to keep everyone happy during a really wet day.

    Our owners provide a range of the latest informative brochures on what there is to do and see in the area, and are happy to answer questions requiring local knowledge such as " where can I find a doctor or dentist?" or "where is the local pharmacy/shopping centre?"

  • Is the property serviced?

    Only between bookings.

    Holiday homes are not serviced on a daily basis like hotel rooms. Consequently, guests are expected to look after their home. Please look after the home as you would your own home by keeping it clean and tidy.

    If you have an accident with drinks or food that stains, please clean up as best you can or call the owner. It can be hard to deal with stains once they have dried out.

    If the property has a garden or swimming pool, we may need access on a once a week basis for maintenance. We will check by phone or email the day before to ensure that a visit is convenient for you.

  • What are your Check-in/Check-out times?

    Check in time is 2pm, and check out time is 10 am. If the house has not been booked the day before you arrive, or we are not expecting another guest on the day that you leave, we will try to be as flexible as possible with these times. You should phone the owner the day before you arrive/depart to see if this option is available.

    Guests must check out at 10 am if there is another booking on the same day. Failure to do so will result in the loss of $50 from your bond for every hour or part thereof over this time, as we will be required to hire extra cleaners to have the house ready on time for the next guests.

  • We are relocating to the area, or have contracted work for longer than 3 weeks. Do you have a rate for periods longer than 3 weeks ?

    Yes. Our maximum length of stay is 3 months. Please enquire about rates for longer stays of 3 weeks to 3 months.

  • We have a large group or special needs requirement. Can you help?

    Yes. Our largest house can take up to 15 guests and is wheelchair friendly.

  • I want to bring my pet along. Is this possible?

    Yes. Several of our properties are pet-friendly (see individual property description). We only take dogs.

    You are permitted to have 2 well behaved dogs at a pet friendly property. Dogs are not allowed inside the house.

    A cleaning fee will apply, $35 per hour or part thereof, if soft furnishings have to be brushed free of hair and washed. We ask all owners to give their pets a flea treatment before arrival. You must pick up, bag and dispose of all droppings in the garden. This is out of consideration for the guests coming after you.

    You are responsible for any damage to the property that is caused by your pet, and agree to pay for any damage.

  • Will the owner visit the property during my stay?

    Some one will come to the property once a week for garden maintenance. You will receive a phone call the day before to arrange a suitable time. If your stay is longer than 2 weeks, the owner is permitted to do an internal house inspection. This is to ensure that the bathrooms and kitchen are being kept well.

    Any cleaning deemed necessary will be pointed out, and another inspection arranged. If this is not satisfactory on the second inspection, the owner has the right to call a professional cleaner to do the job and will deduct their fees from the bond. This is a very important part of maintaining a high standard of presentation for all guests in our homes.

  • Does the home have air-conditioning and insect/security screens

    Each home is different, so please refer to the detailed description on the house page of our website.

    Air-conditioners use a lot of electricity so we ask guests to be fair in their use of air-conditioners:

    • Please keep windows and doors shut when the air-conditioning is being used.
    • Please turn the air-conditioning off when not using a room or when leaving the home.
    • The remote control usually has a temperature range of 17-25 degrees. This is slightly misleading because setting the thermostat to a lower temperature does not produce colder air. It simply leaves the compressor running for longer which may eventually lower the temperature to the set level. The problem with very low settings in our extremely humid conditions is that the air-conditioner can ice up if it is running continuously below 21 degrees. When it ices up it fails to remove moisture from the air efficiently. It is the removal of moisture that makes us feel cooler rather than the absolute temperature. 
    • For best and most efficient cooling please do not set the thermostat below 21 degrees.
    • Some houses have a limit on the amount of electricity used. Abiding by the 21 degree guideline will in most cases ensure that guests do not exceed the limit and have a deduction from their bond.
  • Is the home wheelchair friendly?

    Please check the description for each home.

    At the moment, Moody St house is the only home with full wheelchair access to a bathroom.

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